Financial Aid Calculator

Estimate Your Eligibility for Scholarships, Student Grants and Financial Aid for College

Please answer the questions below to use the financial aid calculator. It will provide an estimate of scholarships, student grants and financial aid for college that you may be eligible for. This estimate is based on what students with similar backgrounds have received in the past. International and transfer students should contact their admissions representative for financial aid information.


First you must select an academic profile

Below are three examples from which to choose. We encourage you to select the profile that best fits your academic qualifications. You do not need to match the GPA, SAT or the ACT exactly in order to complete this calculator. We recognize that some students may fall above or below these examples. You should select the profile that is most similar to you. Each profile represents a sample segment of Roanoke's freshman population and should simply be used as a guideline for purposes of this calculator.

   1 2.34 1066 21
   2 2.78 1069 22
   3 3.26 1099 23
   4 3.94 1190 26

Secondly, you must identify a household income

Please read before submitting your information: This form is not an application for financial aid. It is designed only to provide an estimate of your eligibility for scholarships, student grants, and financial aid for college and should serve only as a planning guide for the upcoming academic year. Upon your acceptance to Roanoke College and the receipt of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), your file will be reviewed for need-based assistance and a revised financial aid planner will be sent to you. The FAFSA should be submitted no later than March 1.

Our mission at Roanoke College is to serve students. The financial aid program is integral to this objective. For many students and families, the costs of a private college may seem out-of-reach. Our goal is to do our best to ensure that no deserving student is denied a Roanoke College education because of a lack of funds.

The College actively participates in a wide range of federal and state aid and student grant programs. We also make generous commitments each year from College resources to help students. Roanoke College administers more than $37 million in financial aid annually. We work closely with each family to match their needs with federal, state, private and College resources. Qualified students can receive financial aid for college which includes assistance ranging from scholarships and student grants to loans and jobs. At least 85% of our enrolled students received financial aid for college from these types of programs in 2020-2021.

The Roanoke College Financial Aid Office is pleased to offer all prospective dependent freshman applicants and their families this financial aid calculator and the opportunity to receive a projected estimate of their financial aid package, even before they formally apply to Roanoke College. By answering two simple questions using the financial aid calculator, you will allow the Financial Aid Office to provide an early financial assistance evaluation. Keep in mind that while this is only an estimate of eligibility for aid and student grants and not a commitment of College and/or federal funds, it will provide you and your family a simple, brief way to estimate any scholarships, student grants and loans for which you may be eligible.

The estimate will not include scholarships available from special programs such as Lutheran scholarships; however, assistance from these programs may alter your award. For further information on these programs, please contact the Admissions Office.